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Goldenseal is recognized as one of the best natural antibiotics. The main advantage of the plant is considered that it mobilizes the immune system to combat infections, but itself also fights against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Goldenseal is also used for the common cold and other upper respiratory tract infections, as well as stuffy nose and hay fever. Some people use goldenseal for digestive disorders including stomach pain and swelling (gastritis), peptic ulcers, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, and intestinal gas.


Due to the presence of berberine, it has the property of defeating the bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae.

Effectively destroys Candida fungal colonies and numerous bacteria, while not destroying useful bacterial flora.

Berberine, the main component of the Goldenseal, has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, restoring its normal balance.

Goldenseal uses for female diseases and for prostate

Women use goldenseal for vaginal pain and swelling and menstrual period problems.

The Goldenseal is useful for suppressing too abundant menstrual bleeding. In addition, the extract contributes to the treatment of intimate infections, for example, thrush and even more serious inflammation of the genitals.

Goldenseal is also recommended for men with prostate disease.

Goldenseal effectively fights respiratory diseases: common cold and other upper respiratory tract infections, as well as stuffy nose and hay fever.

Goldenseal may alleviate stomach, intestinal problems, helps with diarrhea and dyspepsia, suppresses vomiting, as it stimulates the release of digestive fluids and destroys bacteria that can be the cause of such symptoms.

GOLDENSEAL 50 Vegi Capsules

    GOLDENSEAL 50 Vegi Capsules

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