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Pea Protein Powder. 


Our raw USA and Canadian grown yellow peas are synergistically combined with a patented water extraction process, resulting in a mild flavored, light colored, raw pea protein. It is packed with powerful essential amino acids, and features excellent digestibility, higher Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) than most other plant proteins, and higher Arginine and Lysine amino acids per serving to fuel an active lifestyle. This powder is perfect for any vegetable-based products needing sustained release protein. All OshianicTM Plant Proteins are a fantastic alternative to whey protein as they boast a complete amino acid profile while being inherently lower in cholesterol and sodium, often raw, always chemical and hexane-free, easily digestible, part of a clean label, all -natural, more earth friendly, and most importantly hypoallergenic. Accordingly, plant proteins are more inclusive of the millions of consumers who are lactose intolerant, vegan, raw, Kosher, etc. A great fit for breakfast, snack, vegetarian, low glycemic weight control and sport foods and beverages, each of our proteins are designed for use as a single or blended protein source

Pea Protein Powder - 1lb

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