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Why do you need to take Oshianic Oxy-Max.

Oshianic’s Oxy- Max with Ozonated Magnesium Oxide excites receptors located in the mucous membranes of the intestines and stomach, which enhances the peristalsis and contractile movements of the muscles of the esophagus. It is important to note that magnesium sulfate does not have sorbent properties such as fiber or activated carbon.

It is practically not absorbed in the intestine, causes an increase in fluid in feces, so osmotic pressure increases, which leads to stimulation of receptors. The latter causes not only evacuation of the contents, but also enhances the production of bile acids.

Digested residues move quickly through the intestinal part, and the food does not have time to fully digest and suck up, so the agent can contribute to weight loss. This property is useful not only for weight loss, but also for impaired lipid metabolism, high cholesterol and other processes associated with digestive problems.

The intestines are not only an important part of the digestive system. It is here that up to 80% of the elements of cellular immunity [1] are concentrated, and microorganisms inhabiting the intestine are involved in the processes of metabolism, protection, disposal of toxins. Scientists associate the state of this digestive organ with the health of the skin, liver and other organs and systems.

For gut health, it is not the absence of pathogenic flora, but the maintenance of the necessary balance of various types of microorganisms.

One method to restore the healthy balance of flora in the intestine is the so-called cleaning, or detoxification

What signs indicate that it is time to "clean" the intestines of slags?

Digestive disorders (bloating, increased gas formation, stool disorders, feeling of severity in the abdomen).

Signs of intoxication (fatigue, irritability, decreased immunity, sometimes there may be a slight increase in temperature).

Skin manifestations (allergic rashes, peeling, itching, dryness).

Cleansing: Start by taking 4 capsules with an 8 oz. glass of water on an empty stomach before going to bed. If you do not achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements the following day, increase your serving size by 1 to 2 capsules each night until 3 to 5 bowel movements are achieved. Continue this quantity for 7 consecutive days. For maintenance, take this same serving size 3 times weekly or as desired.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product above is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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